World’s most fascinating brainteasers


Welcome to Recent Toys UK, home of the world’s most fascinating brainteasers. Recent Toys International launched in 2001 with the invention of Brainstring by puzzle enthusiast and company president Guido Lap. Ever since, our puzzles have challenged and excited young and old alike worldwide and now we are here in the UK.

We have collaborated with world renowned puzzle inventors to create puzzles with completely original concepts. Our wide range of high quality puzzles cater for all ages and skill levels, exercising the brain in spatial awareness, strategy, fine motor skills and even mathematics.

You will find that all of our puzzles share three things in common. They are simple to understand, built to last and will challenge you to think in new ways.

Find our puzzles in your local gift shop, bookshop and toy store. If you can’t, drop us a line and let us know and we will be happy to help.


Stephen J Woodman

Managing Director Recent Toys UK