Mini Divers Helmet

Mini Divers Helmet IQ Focus Spatial Reasoning, Logic, Strategy Mini Divers Helmet is one of four unique Mini Mefferts Keychains. They rotate in the same smoothness as their bigger parents and are beautifully packaged in a full trans- parent blister. The must-have impulse item!

Mini Feliks Pillow

Mini Feliks Pillow IQ Focus Spatial Reasoning, Logic, Strategy How to play 1. Hold the puzzle with both hands and twist in opposite directions. 2. As you twist, the colors on multiple sides will change. 3. Solve by creating a solid color on all six sides.

Mini Molecube

Mini Molecube Spin and twist your way to the solution. IQFocus Logic Strategy, Fine Motor   Take the Mini Molecube with you on your keychain. Once you get your hands on the Molecube, you’ll be hooked. Precision craftsmanship creates a smooth spinning puzzle that glides like silk through your hands. Then there’s the puzzling piece.…

Mini Pyrastar

Mini Pyrastar Spin it and solve it! IQFocus Logic Strategy, Fine Motor Uwe Meffert started designing rotational puzzles in 1970 with the invention of the Pyraminx. Since then, he has created over 100 styles of rotational puzzles that are distributed worldwide. Uwe is a leading designer in the puzzle community and delights in finding intriguing new…

Mini Skewb

Mini Skewb The Mini Skewb is now available as a keychain, for garanteed fun on the road. The 12 coloured faces Skewb Ultimate is a real challenge for puzzlers. The surprising twist within the twisty puzzles now fits in your pocket. IQFocus Spational Reasoning, Logic, Strategy   How to play Twist the two halves of…